The command center announced today (28th) that the ban on outdoor masks will be lifted from December. In addition, dining venues can also resume table-by-table toasting.

(Picture provided by Command Center)

[Reporter Qiu Zhirou/Report from Taipei] The peak of the domestic Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19) epidemic has passed. The Central Epidemic Command Center announced today (28th) that the ban on outdoor masks will be lifted from December. Restoration can toast toast and tea table by table.

Commander Wang Bisheng said that December 1st is the 555th day that my country has implemented the full wearing of masks. As the epidemic slows down, epidemic prevention measures such as wearing masks will be moderately relaxed from December 1st. In general, there is no need to wear masks outdoors. , the measure of wearing masks indoors is maintained, and the indoor regulations have not changed, except for two points. From December 1st, singing can be exempted from wearing masks, and the ban on toasting tea table by table is also cancelled.

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The command center explained the relevant regulations:

1. In outdoor spaces and outdoor places, the requirement to wear masks at all times is cancelled.

However, the mask regulations for large-scale outdoor events at the end of the year/New Year's Eve will be developed separately depending on the recent changes in the epidemic situation.

2. Masks should be worn at all times when going out to indoor spaces and indoor places (including the interior spaces of carriages, ships, aircrafts, etc.), but those who meet exceptional circumstances may be exempted from wearing masks.

3. Those who meet the following exceptions are exempt from wearing masks indoors, but they should carry or prepare masks with them.

However, if you have related symptoms or cannot maintain social distance with unspecified objects, you should still wear a mask:

(1) Engaging in sports, singing, and taking individual/group photos.

(2) Driving by himself, and there are family members living with him in the car, or when there is no companion in the car.

(3) Official filming or conducting of work or activities of a conversational nature, such as live broadcasting, video recording, hosting, reporting, speeches, speeches, lectures, etc.

(4) In hot/cold springs, ovens, spa facilities, saunas, steam rooms, water activities, etc. where the mask is likely to get wet.

4. If you have dietary needs when you go out, you are exempt from wearing a mask.

5. In the indoor places or activities designated by the command center or the competent authority, if the relevant epidemic prevention measures of the command center or the competent authority are complied with, the mask may be temporarily removed.

6. Catering venues: Cancellation of the provision that no table-by-table toasting of wine and tea is allowed at banquets.

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