[Reporter You Mingjin/Yilan Report] The "2022 Lanyang is more beautiful at night ~ Lanyang Happy Christmas" lighting installation in the red brick square of Yilan County Council is lit up tonight!

Until February 5 next year, the lights will be on every night from 17:30 to 22:00.

Santa Claus and elk put on new clothes, and big and little angels blew their horns, announcing the official start of the "Love in Christmas. Love in Yilan" Christmas month series.

This year’s Christmas lights in Yilan County Council’s Red Brick Square, local artist Lu Bingcheng played a childlike role, turning the 10-meter-long Santa Claus into a playful old urchin, holding a big bag full of gifts, and an 8-meter-high archangel and little boy. The angels blew their horns together to spread joy and blessings, and two chubby elk happily sat on the grass to welcome people.

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The theme square also built a 12-meter Christmas tree with a golden shining giant star shape on the top of the tree. The redundant decorations were discarded, which was simple and holy, and the atmosphere of the scene was warm.

This event was co-organized by the Yilan County Government, Yilan Christian United Prayer Association, Yilan County Quanfu Care Association and Taiwan Arts and Light Promotion Association. Let the others light the lamp together.

In addition, the "2022 Love in Christmas, Love in Yilan" series of activities, for the first time this year, achieved the goal of Christmas light car parades in all 12 townships in the county. On Christmas Day on the 25th, a Christmas music evening will be held at the Yilan Sports Park, hoping to bring joy, blessings and warmth to Yilan through a series of Christmas Thanksgiving activities.

This year's Lantern Car Parade, the heavy locomotive team from Taipei and the rhythmic gymnastics team from the Yilan Sports Association were added to the parade. New residents and aborigines were also invited to wear traditional costumes from various countries to join the parade to celebrate the arrival of Christmas together.

The lighting display time of "Lanyang is more beautiful at night - Happy Christmas in Lanyang" will be displayed from 17:30 to 22:00 every day from now until February 5 next year; the music and light show will be held once an hour, at 17:30 respectively , 18:30, 19:30, 20:30, 21:30.