war battlefield

"The battle between

Russia-Ukraine” continues to prolong without a way out, entering the 10th month that the days are becoming more and more affected.

“The global economy is wide-ranging in many dimensions” until it became a hot topic to be discussed.

"At the forum of the G20 members meeting" held in the Indonesian island of Bali from 15-16 November 2022.

The first day of the meeting was focused.

"Food and energy security" after Russia launched an all-out war with Ukraine.

“To the extent that it causes inflation problems.

and the economic downturn in many countries,” prompting


leaders to call on war-torn militants to find a way to end the conflict as soon as possible.

In this regard, "Indonesian President Joko Widodo", as chairman of this year's


member meeting , opened the meeting.

Finding a solution to the war in Ukraine is a shared responsibility among member states.

“The world cannot go on without the war in Ukraine not ending.” Then the


must not let the world plunge into a new cold war.

Because the war is an obstacle to

"Global economic recovery" creates sustainable growth.

In the midst of the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict,

Dr. Krisada Promvek,

Faculty of Political Science, Department of International Relations, Ramkhamhaeng University, said that since "

Vladimir Putin, Russian President

" has been replaced. General "Sergey Surovikin" became the leader of the new invasion of Ukraine.

Dr. Krisada Promwek

causing Russia to adjust its war plans

"Quite profoundly unpredictable" because of this military leader.

"There is an extraordinary war strategy." Even the United States has been caught in the Syrian war.

This caused the "Russian withdrawal of troops from Kherson" to save civilian lives.

and military strength not to be lost unnecessarily

This was a deceitful plan for Ukraine to fall into a missile attack.

and drone bombing

causing quite a bit of loss of manpower

But Western nations attack that "Russia" is having problems until it has to be withdrawn.

Another thing is that during this time, it's almost winter, "Russia" has to withdraw its troops, readjust and force it.

“Ukraine faces a frozen cold” because of the past infrastructure related to the power system.

And the water supply was attacked and damaged until many areas faced with power outages.

And there is no water supply in this cold weather,

although "Western countries sent generators to help, but it's useless" because Ukraine lacks oil to power those generators.

Causing people to suffer a wide range of lives without which

"Utilities" to pressure the Ukrainian leader for the sake of the people who have to face hardships.

and agreed to come out and negotiate an end to the war as soon as today

and there is a question

In this regard, Russia has been preparing since 2008, especially in 2014. "In the event that Russia signs annexation of Ukraine's Crimea", that time caused outrage. to

“Western nations” try to leverage sanctions to pressure them as well.

As well as "threatening to suspend Russian banking transactions from the


system ," Russia has solved the game by creating its own payment system, called SPFS, which has little use but is a back-up channel. Until 2022, “Russia is cut off from


” before SPFS is revived for international payments.

Reflecting that "Russia has been prepared to accept Western sanctions for many years," this time it was not affected much.

"In addition to retaliating, stop trading with the boycotting nations" until some types of goods are scarce, affecting the global economy lately.

“Many countries are tired of war” and try not to support Ukraine and the US...because the more they help, the more protracted the battle is.

"Effects on the economy" becomes a chain that causes a shortage of certain types of goods.

and higher oil prices

"People around the world are in trouble" that are all caused by the consequences of the sanctions.

This part of the story has entered the "Russia" plan as if it was a counterattack aimed at causing trouble.

"People in the nation boycotting" to come out against pressing their own government, leading to

"Changing the new government does not side with the United States" and now people in many Western countries have seen many protests against the pro-Ukrainian government.

In fact, "Russia" wants to export products to be sold around the world, but with the "US" announcing sanctions.

"Forbid allied countries to allow Russian ships to dock." Anyone who disobeys will be hostile to the United States.

or Nato

Repeatedly, "Ukraine also planted mines in the Black Sea" to prevent "Russia" from exporting goods to earn money for the war.

But this turned out to have a devastating effect on people around the world instead.

Not only that, it also affects “Thailand”, especially in terms of rising oil prices.

“Which is the main cost of transporting agricultural products”, inevitably causing the prices of many products to rise in line with energy prices.

became an additional pressure on

"Total inflation" even though the economy has not yet fully recovered.

Next is “Fertilizer prices are rising” because Russia is the world's largest exporter of fertilizer production.

when the sanctions measure

“Chemical fertilizer shortage in the world market” This affects the cost of cultivation for Thai farmers, especially “rice cultivation”, which requires buying more expensive fertilizers, but the cost of selling prices continues to fall.

As a result, “some farmers have given up on farming,” which may reduce the trend of this year's rice cultivation.

It can become a problem for being the world's leading rice exporter in the future.

reinforce the point

"This Russo-Ukrainian war solution" as you know, many parties around the world are trying to offer.

“All parties to the conflict turned to talks and negotiations” in a ceasefire agreement.

Or make some treaties together, but in this regard, "Ukraine" may have to accept the loss of some territories that were occupied by "Russia" before that as well.

As the saying goes

"A cane sticking into an elephant's mouth is difficult to pull out." In addition, Russia has lost enormous manpower, budget and weapons.

Therefore, this war will end, must be negotiated to find a mutually acceptable settlement only because "Ukraine" continues to fight, there is no sign of "win" and may lose military strength and territory indefinitely.

but also because "Ukraine" has been supported by

"The United States and the West" waited as a mentor to give an ultimatum.

"Do not negotiate with Russia", resulting in a dilemma until the situation of fighting continues to escalate until today

“President Joe Biden's support has fallen,” in part because of a policy mismanagement.

"Too much budget has been spent on Ukraine's war effort," while this money should be taken into account.

"The state of life of the people in the country" who have to face the problem of inflation of expensive goods.

As such, “President Joe's administration

Biden remaining 2 years” may be absent from the majority of

"Republicans occupy seats in the House of Representatives" who are difficult to raise their hands to support the use of money to help Ukraine continue the war.

Previously, "Republican MPs" had said that they would not fund Ukraine again because the endless aid legislation would cause politicians to be seen to prioritize war over their own people.

Like this exit point

The “Russian-Ukrainian war” that could actually lead to peace was inevitable.

“Every conflicting party, including the mentor” must open the table and negotiate to find a mutually acceptable settlement.

Because otherwise, the “people of the world” will continue to face energy crises and higher inflation...