Today, November 28, the host and showman

Hryhoriy Reshetnik

's family has a holiday.

The youngest son of a celebrity -


- turns two years old.

On the occasion of the holiday, the couple congratulated their youngest son on his birthday.

The happy parents wished the boy to grow up healthy and happy.

Grigory Reshetnik's wife with his son / Photo:

"Happy Birthday to our smallest happiness. We constantly repeat how we used to live without our colorful baby, who constantly smiles, asks for "hush" and loves to play with "booms". May we all be healthy and happy. Happy Birthday!"

- wrote the birthday boy's parents.

Hryhoriy Reshetnik with his son / Photo:

In addition,


published archival photos that were taken in the maternity hospital when Oleksandr was just born.

Hryhoriy Reshetnik with his wife and son / Photo:

"And the photo from the archive is a reminder of how quickly children grow. We love you, our Oleksandr Reshetnik. Your mother, father and brothers," the parents said.

Sons of Grigory Reshetnik / Photo:

It should be noted that earlier Khrystyna answered the fans under what conditions

she would leave Kyiv with her sons


The presenter's wife also commented on why, despite the constant power outages, she remains in the capital.

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