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From the Smolyan region, 32 project proposals have been submitted for the implementation of investments under the first procedure for "Technological modernization" from the Recovery and Sustainability Plan (RSP) with a total value of over BGN 18 million. According to data provided by the General Directorate of "European Competitiveness Funds" (GDEFC) program ended with more than 2,500 project proposals submitted from all over the country for almost BGN 1 billion.

This was stated by the Minister of Innovation and Growth Alexander Pulev

Alexander Pulev was born on February 5, 1981 in Plovdiv.

He holds a Masters in Finance from Oxford in relation to the activity of business from the field of PSU.

"By the end of the year, the Ministry of Innovation and Growth (MIR) will announce the lists of all the companies that will receive funding under the first open procedure from the PSU for "Technological Modernization", the minister said.

He added that the first phase of the evaluation of all submitted project proposals has already been completed and more than 2,000 of them are proceeding to the final phase.

In the Smolyan region, the total number of contracts concluded under the Operational Program "Innovations and Competitiveness" (OPIC) for the period 2014-2020 is 48 for over BGN 25 million. The sectors "Architectural and engineering activities" are mainly supported.

technical testing and analysis', 'Manufacturing of chemical products' and 'Manufacturing of clothing'. 

Minister Alexander Pulev: In the Yambol region, business still shows little interest in the procedures for financial assistance from the PVU

Minister Pulev announced that under the "Energy Efficiency" procedure alone, 12 contracts for over BGN 1 million have been concluded with companies from the region to help small and medium-sized enterprises and added that under the measure to overcome the consequences of COVID-19, 367 contracts with a total value of over BGN 8 million were concluded. The supported enterprises in the district, under the Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB), are 53 for nearly BGN 18 million, mainly in the sectors "Processing industry", "Agriculture, forestry and fisheries' and 'Trade;

car and motorcycle repair'.

By the end of the year, the MIR is working on four procedures under PVA.

The first - "Technological modernization" - is already closed for applications.

All submitted project proposals have been evaluated and over 2,000 of them are in the final phase.

The second - for "ICT solutions and cyber security" - is worth BGN 30.6 million and it will be possible to apply for it until December 19.

The submitted projects are already over 4,000.

On November 18, the Main Directorate "European Funds for Competitiveness" at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced for public discussion the third consecutive procedure under PVA - "Support for innovative SMEs awarded with the Seal of Excellence".

The measure has a budget of BGN 118 million and is aimed at companies that applied under the European programs "Horizon 2020" and "Horizon Europe", but did not receive funding.

Soon, the fourth procedure from PVU will be announced for public discussion - for "RES and batteries for local energy storage", which has a budget of BGN 200 million and huge interest is expected in it, the MIR press center announced.

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