In the Zakarpattia region, border guards detained a 19-year-old boy who wanted to swim across the river to get to Germany for a sports ballroom dance competition. 

This was reported in the State Border Service. 

The border guards noted that the boy "crossed" the Tisza River in order to "get to the ball."

So he tried to enter Romania illegally, and then leave for Germany. 

Photo: State Border Service of Ukraine

Dilki, who are engaged in illegal crossing of the border, laid a dancer's route for $2,500, but as noted by the border guards, it was very dangerous. 

"Do not violate the rules of the crossing and do not agree to the proposals of the organizers of the crossing, who disregard the life and health of the "clients", - emphasized the border guards. 

Illegal border crossing in wartime conditions 

Since the introduction of martial law in Ukraine, there have been restrictions on the departure of conscripts abroad.

However, many men still try to enter neighboring countries illegally.

Often this poses a threat to their lives.

Earlier, the border guards reported that 11 men have died since the start of martial law in Ukraine while trying to cross the border illegally.

The DPS also urges violators not to illegally cross the Ukrainian-Romanian border, as a bear was spotted there. 

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