In the Kharkiv region during the occupation, the Russians killed the children's writer Volodymyr Vakulenko.

His body was found in a mass grave. 

"Suspilne" writes about it. 

Volodymyr Vakulenko disappeared back in March 2022.

He lived in the village of Kapitolivka, near Izyum.

The parents searched for their only son for more than half a year, later it became known that he was kidnapped by the Russians. 

The writer's body was found in a mass grave after the deoccupation of Izyum.

Initially, the law enforcement officers claimed that this body belonged to an unknown woman, but a DNA examination established that the deceased is Volodymyr Vakulenko. 

"The investigators of "Suspilny" found a photo of the body numbered 319, taken before the burial. It shows the documents of Volodymyr Vakulenko shot through. Also, a tattoo on the hand, similar to what the writer had. Now, the data about the writer's death have been confirmed by DNA examination." - the message says. 

The husband was left with a minor son with a disability who was never separated from his father. 

Mass burials in Izyum 

After the liberation of Ukrainian Izyum, many mass graves were found there, in which the Russians buried tortured and killed Ukrainians.

At one of the mass burial sites in Izyum, experts exhumed 447 bodies.

Among them were 22 servicemen and 5 children.

Also in Izyum, law enforcement officers recovered the bodies of a 46-year-old man, his 20-year-old son and a 56-year-old acquaintance, who were shot by the Russians during the occupation.

One of the photos, which was made public after the exhumation of the bodies in Izyum, shows the hand of the murdered Ukrainian wearing blue and yellow bracelets.

The body belongs to Ukrainian defender Serhii Sova.

President Zelenskyy awarded him the "Hero of Ukraine" award posthumously. 

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