How do ordinary people live in Kyiv?

Prof. Daniel Benatov walked around key places and made a video report for Bulgaria ON AIR - the situation as he saw it.

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The first thing he shows us is a snowy Kyiv in the evening.

Visits Pechersk - the historical part of the city, where the government quarter is located.

"The first stop is the Park of Glory and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Russian propaganda claims that in Ukraine it is forbidden to honor the memory of soldiers who fought with the Nazis during the Second World War. The burning eternal fire and flowers at the foot of the obelisk testify, that Ukrainians honor the heroes of the last war during the current one," noted Assoc. Benatov.

And near the monument, children sled down the steep Dnieper slopes.

"Next stop is the Memorial to the Victims of the Artificial Famine in Ukraine in 1932-33. According to historians, the victims of the genocide were between 4 and 10 million people. Russia, as the legal successor of the USSR, continues to deny the Stalinist government's culpability for the deaths of the people", shared Assoc. Benatov.

And he shows us one of the tents set up right in the park by the State Emergency Service - one of the so-called "invincibility points" where city dwellers can keep warm and charge their gadgets.

A Kievan enters the tent on his way home.

His apartment now has electricity, but he lost his charger and was very happy when they helped him charge the gadget in the tent.

The man warms himself with a cup of hot tea and biscuits. 

"It should be noted that the business actively participates in the initiative of the city authorities to equip places where residents of areas without electricity can gain access to uninterruptible sources of energy or generators," pointed out Assoc. Benatov. 

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He refuted the claims of the famous Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper that armed drug addicts are robbing, killing and kidnapping people on the streets of Ukrainian cities.

And in turn, the residents are preparing to rob shops.

"In the cafes and restaurants of Kyiv, life goes on. Among the visitors, you will not see frightened faces. Everyone understands that in the morning they can again expect another rocket attack and the subsequent many hours or even many days of power and water cuts. But it seems that the residents of Kyiv have already adapted to the constant stress, and their conversations at the table are devoted not only to the lack of water or light in their homes, but also to plans for the future, which will come immediately after the victory over the enemy," concludes Assoc. Benatov. .

Russian invasion of Ukraine