The German Ministry of Defense has expressed its interest in keeping all of the country's Patriot air defense systems on NATO territory.

This was stated by the representative of the Federal Ministry of Defense Arno Kollats during the briefing, Ukrinform reports.

"There is a great interest in the fact that these Patriot systems remain in the NATO system," said Kollats.

According to him, the head of the department, Christine Lambrecht, has already made it clear that Patriot systems are an integrated integral part of NATO defense and are Germany's contribution to the Alliance's air defense system.

Kollats emphasized that the Bundeswehr should decide how to fulfill the obligations regarding the introduction of rapid response forces in the coming years.

Regarding the offer of assistance to Poland, the Ministry of Defense explained: Germany seeks to support the allied country in protecting the airspace from external threats.

These are Patriot systems, as well as enhanced air patrols.

"Both proposals remain valid," the Ministry of Defense said.

Patriot for Ukraine: what is known about the transfer of air defense systems

After a missile fell in Poland a few kilometers from the border with Ukraine during a full-scale attack by Russians, killing two men, Germany offered the ally to strengthen its air defenses with Patriot systems.

This proposal was commented on by the head of Poland's ruling "Law and Justice" party, Yaroslav Kaczynski, who said that it would be better if the Patriot systems were handed over to Ukraine.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki agreed with him, supporting the proposal to deploy Patriot on the Ukrainian side of the border.

At the same time, the Minister of Defense of Poland, Mariusz Blaszczak, said that his country was happy to accept this offer from Germany.

In turn, the head of the German Foreign Ministry, Christine Lambrecht, warned that deploying the Patriot outside the territory of the Alliance countries must first be discussed with other NATO members.

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