The famous Ukrainian actress

Natalka Denysenko

had many colleagues from Russia, because she used to work with them on the same set.

When full-scale war broke out, the star hoped for their support, so she wrote to them all.

However, it was all in vain.

"I wrote to everyone. And I also wrote to Batarev. Dima Pchyela - he also came and said: "I love your Kyiv so much." And I wrote to Dytsevich, and Zhenya Lazar... They just... are like: "Everything will be fine." Lazar wrote: "It will all be over soon, God protect you," the actress told the ZhVL program.

Natalka Denisenko / Photo:

Natalka did not comment on their position, but the celebrity is clearly convinced that no more Russians will star in Ukrainian projects.

"It won't happen again. You will sit at home in Moscow," the celebrity emphasized.

Natalka recalled how she got into a scandal because

of filming in the same TV series

with a Russian actress.

Only Ksenia Mishina supported Denysenko at that time.

"It was painful and unpleasant to be called a traitor. I even cried all day. I was very supported by Ksyusha Mishina, she had conversations with me there. There were actresses, my girlfriends, who said: "I will not be silent, Natasha!

You are a traitor!" - the celebrity recalled.

In general, the Russian was removed from the role, and Natalka, for her part, does not hold a grudge against her colleagues behind the scenes.

"There is no such thing as: "How could they". I really understand that it is normal in our situation that they poured a wave of hate on me," the star commented.

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