The Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed on Monday that European Council President Charles Michel

Charles Michel - Belgian politician and prime minister of the country. Charles Michel was born on December 21, 1975 in will visit the country on Thursday (December 1), reported Reuters.

A spokesman for the ministry noted that Michel will visit the country at the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Last week, media reported that the top EU official would meet Xi Jinping and several other Chinese officials during his visit to the Asian country, with a range of global challenges to be discussed, including the war in Ukraine, tensions over Taiwan and concerns of EU on unbalanced economic ties.

"Against a tense geopolitical and economic environment, the visit is a timely opportunity for both the EU and China to make certain commitments. It is crucial for us that China and Russia do not occupy one side, that we do not see China providing weapons to Russia, China not to circumvent the sanctions of the European Union," said a statement of the European Council from the end of last week.

The visit comes after European leaders jointly expressed concern at a meeting last month about the EU's economic dependence on China.

Charles Michel called for strengthening ties between Central Asia and the EU

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