Units of the 71st Separate Hunter Brigade of the Airborne Assault Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the Russian invaders and occupied one of the combat positions in the Bakhmut area.

This is reported by the press service of the DSHV.

The footage shows that four bodies of Russian occupiers who died during a successful attack by Ukrainian hunters are lying in the trenches.

The defenders destroyed the invaders and captured their positions.


The video contains sensitive content

Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs said that the occupiers are covering the ground with bodies and moving on, desperately trying to break through to Avdiyivka and Bakhmut.

A photo of the Ukrainian positions near Bakhmut was compared to the conditions of the battles of the First World War.

Due to weather conditions, it is very difficult for Ukrainian soldiers there.

A fighter of the 93rd brigade said that the situation near Bakhmut is becoming similar to the chronicles from the Second World War.

Military chaplain Mark Kupchenenko reported that hellish battles are taking place in Bakhmut, enemy assaults are taking place every day.

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