Huang Jingya, a candidate for the Xiaogang councilor in Qianzhen Town, Jijingao City, Taiwan, posted a message "blessing" Jijin in the evening, announcing his withdrawal.

(Photographed by reporter Wang Rongxiang)

[Reporter Wang Rongxiang/Kaohsiung Report] After Chen Ziyu, Huang Jingya, a candidate for Taiwan's Kaohsiung Xiaogangqian District Council, also posted a "blessing" on Facebook in the evening!

During an interview, she confirmed that she would leave Jijin and return to normal life first, but her enthusiasm for public affairs and political affairs has not diminished, and she may work harder next time she has a chance.

Huang Jingya was the only surviving crew member in the TransAsia Airline Flight 235 crash. This year, she joined the Taiwan Foundation to run for Kaohsiung's Xiaogangqian Township Councillor, and lost 7,634 votes.

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In the evening, she posted on Facebook that this election, through a clean and positive way, brought positivity and joy to the public, allowing her children to see their mother's persistence and hard work by their side, and to experience Taiwan's most precious democratic value earlier.

The election ended. Although the councilors of Kouguan lost, and failed to assist Taiwan Foundation to complete the goal of forming a party group in the Kaohsiung City Council as agreed upon when accepting the call-up, they also completed the staged tasks. "Sincerely wish" Taiwan Foundation can be have better development.

Huang Jingya confirmed in an interview that she would leave Jijin and return to normal life, and said with a smile that she hadn’t worked for a while and wanted to resume her livelihood as soon as possible; but she also mentioned that her enthusiasm for public affairs and politics has not faded, and she still If you are willing to serve the people, maybe you will try harder next time.

After Chen Ziyu, Huang Jingya is also the second candidate for "blessing" Jijin. During the election, both of them invited former legislator "3Q" Chen Baiwei to help in the election, and they also announced their departure from Jijin on the same day.

Chen Ziyu and Huang Jingya announced their withdrawal after posting "blessing" Jijin one after another.

(Photographed by reporter Wang Rongxiang)