Ke Jianming, chief convener of the Democratic Progressive Party Caucus in the Legislative Yuan.

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[Reporter Xie Junlin/Taipei Report] The nine-in-one election has come to an end. The Legislative Yuan Democratic Progressive Party chief Ke Jianming said today (28) that there are still three budgets, one final account, one personnel consent case, and "climate Changes Response Act" and other major bills are pending; Ke said that the election has ended, and the Legislative Yuan must operate normally, hoping that the government and the opposition will handle these bills as soon as possible in harmony; January 13 next year to deal with the above-mentioned proposals, otherwise a temporary meeting will be held after the Lunar New Year.

Ke Jianming pointed out that the three major budgets include: this year's budget for state-owned enterprises, next year's general budget for the central government, and the special budget for the fourth phase of the forward-looking period; in addition, last year's final account report and the right to consent to the fair fair.

As for the bills, there are the climate change response law, the new pension system for new civil servants, the four sexual privacy laws, the smoking hazard prevention and control law, the industry and innovation regulations, and the excise tax. I hope that the bills sent by the Executive Yuan can be passed as much as possible.

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Ke Jianming said that after the committees have reviewed the general budget, they can review the bills; he has already called Zeng Mingzong, the chief summoner of the Kuomintang League, and hopes that within these two weeks, the committees can complete the review of the general budget.

He said that the election has ended, and he hopes that the government and the opposition can reconcile as soon as possible and pass the relevant bills. Depending on whether an interim meeting or a postponement is required, both the ruling and opposition parties can negotiate. The Legislative Yuan is not the main battlefield, and it still needs to operate normally. deal with these.

Ke Jianming also appealed that he hoped that all parties and groups could reach a consensus and postpone the session to January 13 next year to deal with the above-mentioned budget and other major bills.

He said that the local elections have been going on for so long. After the elections, you are tired and should go out to relax. Next year will soon enter the presidential election period. I hope that the government and the opposition will calm down during this period. If there is a consensus, the meeting will be postponed. If there is no consensus, it will be held. Temporary meeting.