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A family with two children aged 11 and 4 from the Pazardzhik village of Sinitevo was left without a roof over their heads after a fire destroyed their home on Friday.

The rooms are unusable, all the furniture has burned, and the father and the older boy, who has burns on both hands, neck, ears and half of his face, are being admitted to the "St. George" University Hospital in Plovdiv.

Pregnant women, women in labor and staff were evacuated following a fire in the hospital in Dimitrovgrad

Silvia Ivanova told this on the social network and called on everyone who has the opportunity to help the injured family of Lyubka Trifonova from Sinitevo.

The most urgent thing is to repair at least one floor of the house, which will require building materials and labor.

The family does not have the financial ability to provide the necessary materials, therefore relatives and acquaintances hope to collect funds.

After a call for help, sympathetic people have already donated a stove, refrigerator and washing machine, but beds, tables and chairs will be needed.

In some of the groups on the social network, there are already people willing to provide beds for the children and for the parents.

A bank account was also opened in the name of the mother, so that anyone who can and has the opportunity can help:



First Investment Bank


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