Mistakenly identified as splashed paint, the limbs of passers-by were cut off, and the perpetrator was awarded 50,000 to 100,000 light insurance. The Yunlin District Prosecutor's Office filed a protest today.

(Photographed by reporter Zhan Shihong)

[Reporter Zhan Shihong/Yunlin Report] A few days ago in Yunlin County, a car was splashed with paint. Passers-by were mistaken by the car owner for him, and their limbs were cut off by the crowd. The 50,000 light insurance policy caused an uproar in the society; the Yunlin District Prosecutor's Office filed a protest today; the Yunlin District Court stated that it will wait for the high-level court to make a ruling, and then the local judge will make a new ruling.

On the 25th in Yunlin County, a car was splashed with paint at around 2 am. A man surnamed Wang happened to pass by the scene when he was carrying a friend to a KTV club in Huwei. Wang Nan was besieged with sticks and watermelon knives, and his limbs and feet were almost cut off. After being sent to the hospital, he was issued a critical condition notice. After emergency surgery, he was out of danger today, but he was still hospitalized for observation.

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The police immediately arrested 6 suspects. Among them, the main suspect and the participants in the fight were detained by the prosecution, and the other 3 people involved in the case were paid 300,000 yuan in bail, but the court actually ruled that 100,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan were lenient. It caused an uproar in the public opinion, and netizens scolded the sky. Yunlin County Mayor Zhang Lishan also condemned the violence in a PO post on Facebook, condemning the mob's behavior as "really abhorrent."

The Internet is full of curses, "Should the judge be hacked?", "Murderers get 100,000 yuan in insurance, and those who only participate in the case get 600,000 yuan in insurance." "What kind of society is this? It's so unfair."

The Yunlin District Prosecutor's Office lodged a protest with the High Court today. The prosecutor pointed out that although the principal suspect confessed that he had "mistakenly hacked" by the wrong person in order to exonerate himself, and that he got into a fight and caused serious injuries to the client, the circumstances were serious and warranted detention. Moreover, the case may involve a mastermind or other factors, and the principal suspect is still in danger of colluding with evidence, so he lodged a protest.

Wang Zirong, president of the Yunlin District Court, made an explanation today, pointing out that the judge ruled based on the evidence presented by the prosecution. The case was filed with the court for the two crimes of mobbing and assault and injury, and it was not the "attempted homicide" reported by the media. "Suspect", and the evidence records show that the victim can still seek medical treatment on his own after the incident, and the defendant has confessed to the crime and confessed the case, and there is no record of being wanted or fleeing, so the judge decided that there was no need for custody, so he ruled to post bail; The amount is judged independently by the judge, and the ruling is made according to the degree of involvement and the facts of the case. At present, the prosecution has filed a protest, and the local judge will make a new ruling after the high-level court makes a ruling.