A large number of people gathered around Beijing's Liangma Bridge from yesterday to early morning to protest with blank papers in their hands.

(picture taken from twitter)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A wave of "blank paper revolution" protests have recently been set off across China. A large number of people gathered around Liangmaqiao in Beijing last night, holding white papers and shouting slogans such as "Freedom". The protesters did not disperse until early morning.

Twitter netizen "Ms. Li is not your teacher" compiled a large number of videos and current situation of the protests from all over China. A large crowd gathered at Liangma Bridge in Beijing last night, holding blank papers to protest, including shouting "Freedom", "Freedom without nucleic acid", " End the Cultural Revolution 2.0" and other slogans, and some people shouted "Hello Shanghai, I am Beijing" to support the protesters in Shanghai.

Seeing the crowd protesting loudly in the area of ​​Liangma Bridge, passing cars also rolled down their windows and extended their hands to "like" or honked their horns.

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At first, the local government dispatched police force to the Liangmaqiao protest scene, but did not immediately clash with the crowd. Sporadic incidents of police arresting protesters began to appear in the middle of the night, and they began to disperse and divide the crowd in an organized way. Only then gradually dispersed.

Beijing man Peng Lifa hangs anti-Xi banners on October 13 at the Sitong Bridge, saying, "Don't have nucleic acid, you need to eat, don't want Cultural Revolution, you need reform. Don't block and control, you need freedom. Don't want leaders, you want votes. Don't lie, want dignity, don't be slaves." Citizen", Peng Lifa's whereabouts are still unknown after his arrest.

More than a month after the Sitong Bridge incident, the recent wave of "blank paper revolution" protests has blossomed everywhere, and Chinese netizens "outside the wall" commented on Twitter under the video of the Liangma Bridge protest scene yesterday: "Now Beijing is full of Sitong bridges. ", "Now there are tens of thousands of Peng Lifa"

The video posted on the spot at the Liangma Bridge in Beijing at this moment

shows that a large number of people gathered around the Liangma Bridge, and the road was full of people standing on both sides, without crowding the lane pic.twitter.com/518GWArjeo

— Teacher Li is not your teacher (@whyyoutouzhele) November 27, 2022

Beijing Liangmaqiao

ended the Cultural Revolution 2.0, another shining slogan!


— Shaocheng (@shchengcity) November 27, 2022

At the Liangma Bridge in Beijing,

cars honked their horns to support the people at the scene pic.twitter.com/VIDhlGuFfS

— Teacher Li is not your teacher (@whyyoutouzhele) November 27, 2022

Liangmaqiao in Beijing is

suspected of being arrested, the crowd shouted to release them pic.twitter.com/ewU9exP28t

— Teacher Li is not your teacher (@whyyoutouzhele) November 27, 2022