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When Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad was Prime Minister of Malaysia

Outstanding Deputy Prime Minister between


It is Mr Anwar Ibrahim. Everyone thinks that Anwar will be Prime Minister after Dr Mahathir. Both of them are from UMNO and are apples of the neck.

During Anwar's time as deputy prime minister and finance minister

At that time, Southeast Asia's economy was very good.

Even in Thailand, it was the year of petrochemical industry development as trade in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore boomed like never before.

Housing estates occurred in great numbers. In 1997, there was a Tom Yum Kung Crisis.

Anwar thinks Malaysia should seek help from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), but Dr Mahathir disagrees.

Ask permission not to use the details of the conflict at that time.

Let's just say Anwar was put in prison for both corruption and anal sex.

when released

Anwar then returned to politics.

Anwar is like a cat with nine lives.

Laharnaen walked into and out of jail several times.

Until the Malaysian general election on 19 November 2022, Anwar became Prime Minister of the country.

this election

People in the constituency elected Anwar as a member of the House of Representatives with 49,625 votes.

Apply for membership in the House of Representatives this time.

People in the hearing area

Trust only 4,566 points to be the 4th place, the payment price is gone.

Become a former prime minister and a member of parliament who failed the exam

Politicians in many countries are persecuted and pressured, but the general public is aware.

If you don't give up, stop working in politics first.

Have a chance to rise again. November 4, 2022 Open the sky to the world serving the story of Mr. Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, former president of Brazil for two terms, who was sentenced to 580 days in prison by the court. When he left, he was disqualified from running for president in 2018. This year, at the age of 77, Brazilians voted for Mr Lula to become president again.

Write about Anwar and Lula.

It reminds me of another ex-president who spent 27 years in prison, Nelson Rolila Mandela.

Mandela was not discouraged and despairing.

Returned to the University of London for distance learning to complete a bachelor's degree in law.

the end

The general election was held on April 27, 1994. The party presiding over Mandela won with 62 percent of the vote, and Mandela became president on May 10, 1994, at the age of 76.

Mr. Joseph Robinett Biden Jr. was running for the Democratic nomination for the US presidential nomination in 1988, appearing to be overturned.

Unsuccessful 20 years later, in 2008, Biden ran for the Democratic nomination for the presidency of the United States again.

This time was also unsuccessful.

Biden has spent 33 years fighting for the nation's leadership, from the 46-year-old proclaiming president of the United States to succeeding him on January 20, 2021, at the age of 79.

Each leader who has been through a lot of political battles and never gave up.

until it was a resounding success

Although he was a leader at his age

But their people saw their determination even in their old age, like Anwar (75), Lula (77), Mandela (76) and Biden (79). People with a heart never give up.

Nitikarun Mingruchiralai