Russia began to actively transport something from China.

Flight tracking services record regular flights of heavy transport aircraft An-124 "Ruslan" of the Russian company "Volga-Dnepr".

This is reported by Defense Express.

In total, we are talking about ten flights over the last week.

At the same time, the Russians do not always turn on the transponder, which makes it difficult to track them.

The Chinese themselves are posting a video of the Russian company's An-124 "Ruslan" landing at Zhengzhou Airport.

It is also noted in the comments to the video that the plane allegedly arrived to pick up "military aid - equipment, body armor, helmets, clothes, etc."

According to the publication, the Radarbox flight tracking service recorded nine An-124 "Ruslan" flights to China and only three in the return direction over the past seven days.

This indicates that the Russians are turning off the transponder.

Airplanes with aircraft numbers RA-82074, RA-82044, RA-82081 are involved in transportation.

The standard flight runs along the route Moscow-Novosibirsk-Zhengzhou-Novosibirsk-Moscow.

The final destination of one of the flights was Urumqi.

Zhengzhou is a powerful logistics and industrial center and a powerful industrial high-tech zone, including units of Chinese defense giant Norinco.

Urumqi is also the production site for a number of industrial giants.

According to journalists, such flights indicate that the Russian Federation is exporting military cargo from China.

In addition, it is extremely urgent for her, because otherwise he could be delivered by rail.

It is also noted that these flights are definitely not all that the Russian Federation made to China, but only those that got into the flight monitoring services of civil aircraft.

We will remind that "China has been gripped by unprecedented protests. The crowd is calling for the overthrow of the government. For example, during one of the protests in the center of Shanghai, cries of "down with the Communist Party" were heard.

It should be noted that the impetus for popular anger was a deadly fire in a high-rise building in the capital of Xinjiang, the city of Urumqi (it was there that at least one of the Russian planes was spotted).

After the tragic incident, it was assumed on social networks that the residents could not escape in time, as the building was partially closed. 

Earlier, the Russian publicist Andriy Piontkovsky said that Xi Jinping is very dissatisfied with the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

In addition, the Chinese leader is already planning to resolve his issues in post-Putin Russia.

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