Putin's general and member of the State Duma Andriy Gurulev named a new target of the Russian invaders for missile strikes on Ukraine.

This is banking infrastructure. 

He said this on the air of Russian propagandists. 

Gurulev praised the rocket attacks on Ukraine, he said that now due to the lack of electricity, the Ukrainian industry, which gives Ukrainians the opportunity to earn and manufacture products, has stopped. 

He stated that the Russians' next target would be our banking infrastructure.

The goal of the Russians is to leave Ukrainians without money.

In this way, the terrorist wants to plunge our country into chaos, because in his opinion, everything will stop and Ukrainians will not be able to receive salaries. 

Rocket terror of Ukraine

Since February 24, Russian terrorists have fired more than 4,700 rockets into Ukraine.

Terrorists attack our military infrastructure and ordinary residential buildings. 

From October 10, Russia began to destroy our energy infrastructure.

Terrorists are shelling CHP, HPP and other energy facilities.

Only on November 23, the occupiers fired 70 rockets at our country, of which 51 were shot down.

Their goal is to leave Ukrainians without electricity and heat in winter. 

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