Ukrainians are learning to live in the conditions

of power outages,

which can be emergency, emergency, stabilization or planned.

Such a situation can last for a couple of hours or a couple of days.

How and where to store products when there is no light - in the story of



Our heroine Yulia, a Kyivan, checks with hope whether there is light.

All household appliances in the apartment run on electricity, so it's useless to rely on an electric stove during power outages.

Meanwhile, a gas burner comes in handy, and a thermos that keeps the water temperature up to 12 hours saves.

In such conditions, a woman prepares oatmeal, buckwheat, couscous, with which there is a minimum of trouble.

But Julia deleted fish from the family's diet in order not to get poisoned.

However, nutritionist Nataliya Mikhnyova reassures that the fish is not afraid of disconnecting the refrigerator from electricity.

Of course, if it is well frozen.

"All these fatty acids that we love are tri-omega, they don't spoil at all," he says. 

Julia buys meat when there is light in the apartment, so that she can cook and eat it right away.

The nutritionist advises that when buying, it is also necessary to smell whether there are no unpleasant odors and mucus.

If there is even the slightest doubt at home, the meat should be thoroughly boiled: "If the meat is red, it will be boiled longer - 2-2.5 hours."

Just in case, Julia bought some canned goods, but she does not cook at home.

In addition, such products can be stored only under certain temperature conditions - not higher than +8.

As for milk, Yulia now prefers ultra-pasteurized milk, which can be stored for 180 days at temperatures from 1 to 25 degrees.

Among the new habits: buy cheese only in vacuum packaging, and sausage only dry-cured.

Julia keeps these foods in the refrigerator.

But when turning off the electricity, he tries to close the door as little as possible, because it works like a thermos.

In it, the prepared food inside remains safe for up to four hours.

In a full freezer, products do not spoil for 48 hours, and in a half-empty one - about a day.

In the freezer, the woman always keeps special batteries of cold.

If necessary, he spreads them on the shelves of the refrigerator to keep the temperature longer.

And in the same way, you can also use an ordinary bottle of water, which should be frozen.

Cold batteries and frozen water can also be placed in a thermal bag with products.

This will protect the food from spoilage for several more hours.

If there is no electricity for a long time, then the balcony, where it is about +8 degrees, saves.

Yury Mirkeev, deputy head of the Department of State Production and Consumer Services in Kyiv, says that the temperature should be constant.

If the product is frozen, then thawed and re-frozen, the conditions are created that the food product may become dangerous.

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