The interlocutor of the newspaper explained that the rest of the countries — mainly major allies such as France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands — are still able to provide military aid to Kiev.

According to the source, in total, NATO transferred weapons worth 40 billion dollars to Ukraine, which is commensurate with the defense budget of France.

The European Union has approved more than three billion euros in compensation from the European Peace Fund to member states for their assistance to Ukraine, but now the fund is almost 90 percent depleted.

The experts of The New York Times also note that during hostilities, both sides of the conflict use up weapons and ammunition at rates unseen since the Second World War.

Western countries were not ready for such a scenario.

The newspaper cites the example of Afghanistan, where NATO troops fired 300 artillery rounds a day without worrying about air defense.

The armed forces of Ukraine can launch a thousand missiles a day, and at the same time they need military assistance and means of protection against Russian missiles.