The aftermath of the Central Administrative Court's order

It took only 2 months to consider and return justice.

Maj. Gen. Wanchai Ekpornphit, deputy commissioner of Region 8

There was a judgment to revoke the announcement of the Office of the Prime Minister on the appointment of "general" police officers for the year 2022 and to consider the appointment.

Pol Maj Gen Wanchai Ekapornphit became the commissioner of the police as well.

Reasons for "Famous Southern Police General" to win the prosecution in a short time

It is said that because of the addition of the regulations of the General Assembly of the Supreme Administrative Court (Version 7), 2019

meaning that if the judge who owns the case considers that

complete indictment

and if the traditional consideration process is delayed

may cause serious damage to the plaintiff

Difficult to fix later.

request approval from the Chief of Court

use the method of hearing the criminal court in one day or continuously

and complete the hearing within one day or as appropriate

Unlike many years ago

one police colonel

"Turn off the crash engine" to sue the boss

Appoint others “over their heads” when they are well qualified and better than anyone else being considered for a promotion.

It took up to 5 years to fight for justice before the Supreme Administrative Court gave a verdict.

"Revoke the order" only for the part that does not appoint him to the position of deputy commander.

make him lose the chance of life

was drawn to the game until retirement

Qualified police do not sit in the chair of "Major General"

The order to appoint "Remedy" at that time had a retroactive effect, allowing him to go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but before secretly trying to "check the bill" who had previously filed a lawsuit.

ruled by arrest and transfer back to domicile

Do not ask for a word of voluntary self

is the badness of

"Some masters" in the Pathumwan Army.

United baht