Mass demonstrations took place in Shanghai on the 26th to protest against the CCP regime by mourning the dead in Urumqi, Xinjiang.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A fire broke out in a residential building in Urumqi, Xinjiang on the 24th, but because China's brainless blockade hindered the disaster relief, it sparked public outrage. Recently, many places in the country have launched solidarity, and the one that attracted the most attention was yesterday (26th) in Shanghai Mass demonstrations and the gathering of thousands of students at Tsinghua University in Beijing today (27th) protested against the CCP regime by mourning the dead in Xinjiang, and even shouted "Xi Jinping step down, the Communist Party step down", "democracy and the rule of law, freedom of expression", the outside world is highly concerned.

In response to the recent outbreak of protests in many places in China, Taiwanese writer Yan Zeya stated through Facebook today that although the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council claimed yesterday that the results of Taiwan’s nine-in-one general election reflect the mainstream of Taiwan’s “seeking peace, stability, and a better life” Public opinion, "But the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and even the bureaucrats of the CCP must have been nervously paying attention to the wave of protests spreading everywhere from last night to now."

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She went on to say: "The bureaucrats over the age of 40 must think of 1989 and 1964, and realize that the speed of the spread of this protest is extremely fast. It cannot be compared with the one in 1989. Everyone must be anxious to find out what kind of debate is going on in the party. (Or line struggle). Will there be a coup? Even if not, will the Xi core not make any concessions? Because of the June 4th memory, these bureaucrats must believe that bloodshed is possible. How much bloodshed? Just dispatch the armed police, Or the army? Who will take the responsibility if someone dies? Can they handle it? The bureaucrats in Beijing must have had a hard time sleeping last night, tonight, and in the next few nights.”

Hong Kong writer and current affairs commentator Feng Suiqian said that the rapid spread of public anger in China seems to be "too big to suppress", and even some police officers "tacited" the protests. Many foreign media reporters couldn't believe it when they saw this situation. , has always been to revolutionize the lives of others, but never allows others to revolutionize their own lives... If the people of Shanghai persist, the CCP will have no choice but to suppress it by force, and Shanghai will inevitably follow the example of Hong Kong in 2019. But there are One joint is different from Hong Kong. If the CCP suppresses the Shanghai protesters, its internal propaganda will definitely be completely ineffective. Three years ago, Hong Kong people did not share the same suffering with the mainland "compatriots", but today's Shanghainese do."

Feng Suiqian further explained that when Hong Kong people stood up, they took to the streets for the value of dignity, justice and a higher level of freedom. The values ​​​​of Hong Kong people are completely different from those of Chinese people. They can’t understand and sympathize with Hong Kong. Against this background, the CCP’s great foreign propaganda can win a big victory in the mainland. People everywhere are more or less enduring the same suffering as Shanghainese. It is all thanks to the unremitting efforts of "Qing Lingdi" to create conditions to connect 1.4 billion leeks who dare not speak out."

Feng Suiqian believes that the demonstrations that took place in Shanghai yesterday also have a subtle relationship with the Taiwan election. It is useful and slightly reduces the possibility of a hot war breaking out in the past two years. However, the "black swan" of Shanghai's resistance will immediately make the situation tense. If the situation in China is unstable, the image of Emperor Qingling as a "wise leader" will be disillusioned If the power is severely challenged, he may speed up at all costs, activate the "soliciting speculation" mode, and use the war in the Taiwan Strait to eliminate the forces of civil unrest. Whether Shanghai people can persevere and how the CCP responds will inevitably affect the fate of Taiwan and even the world .”