An aerial photo of the elevated section of the Ankeng light rail.

(Provided by New Taipei City MRT Bureau)

[Reporter Lin Xinhan/New Taipei Report] New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi, who was re-elected with a margin of more than 458,000 votes, went to inspect the Ankeng Light Rail on the first day after his election yesterday; he said that the overall progress of the Ankeng Light Rail It has reached 99%, and passed the stability test on November 7. After the preliminary survey on December 11, it will be reported to the Ministry of Communications for survey. It is expected to open to traffic at the end of this year or early next year. Residents of Ankeng will go to Shuang At least fifteen minutes have been saved in the north's traffic time.

Nearly 95% of Ankeng light rail trains are ready

Hou Youyi also took the light rail train to Shishizhang Station to investigate the running conditions of the train. He pointed out that after passing through nine stations seven.

Five kilometers, the driving along the way is stable and comfortable, and the surrounding areas include parking spaces for automobiles and motorcycles, connecting buses, and noise walls. No problem, it can be opened to traffic after obtaining the operating permit.

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Li Zhengan, Director of New Taipei City MRT Engineering, said that the average availability rate of Ankeng light rail trains is close to 95%, which is better than the 90% stipulated in the initial survey, and the system availability has reached 99%.

8%, and the number of incidents with travel delays of more than five minutes was zero, and the test results were all better than the standards stipulated in the "Main Rapid Transit System Performance Survey Operation Key Points".

It can be connected to Shishizhang Station on the Ring Line

He said that after the opening of the Ankeng light rail, the initial operating schedule is about 15 minutes per train during peak hours, and there will be additional interval trains from the densely populated Ankang Station to Shishizhang Station, with overlapping intervals of about every seven.

There is one train every five minutes. The actual operation will be adjusted according to the number of passengers. There are still many major track constructions in New Taipei, including MRT Xidong Line, Wugu Taishan Light Rail, etc. We hope that the central government can assist in the approval as soon as possible.

In the future, it will save at least 15 minutes from Ankeng to Shuangbei

Li Zhengan pointed out that the starting station of the Ankeng light rail can be connected with the Shishizhang station of the Xinbei Loop Line, and the walking distance of the connecting passage is only two minutes. After the opening of the train, Ankeng residents can save fifteen to two The ten-minute commuting time is expected to increase the demand for public transportation in Xindian and Ankeng areas, and improve the convenience of commuting.

Hou Youyi said that the election has ended, so he returned to work immediately on the first day after the election to do a good job and repay the support of the general public. The election is only a process, and the municipal work is the most important. He will continue to stand with the public to solve the problem. the needs of the people.

New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi (middle) inspected the progress of the Ankeng light rail yesterday.

(Photo by reporter Lin Xinhan)