Zhong Dongjin (middle) delivered his acceptance speech.

(Photo by reporter Peng Jianli)

[Reporter Peng Jianli/Miaoli Report] Zhong Dongjin, a candidate for Miaoli county magistrate without party affiliation, delivered his acceptance speech tonight, thanking county magistrate Xu Yaochang, legislator Chen Chaoming, his wife and daughter, and Miaoli folks for giving him all the strength to move forward against the light Support, he will redouble his efforts to make Miaoli county government better.

Zhong Dongjin said that during the election period, there were a lot of wind and rain. Although it was hard work, it was worth it. He thanked Xu Yaochang and his wife, member Chen Chaoming, his wife, daughter, and all Miaoli folks for giving him this opportunity. Inherit the steady footsteps of the county magistrate Xu Yaochang, and redouble our efforts to promote the county government well.

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Zhong Dongjin said that the government finances of Miaoli County, especially, have been slightly improved after 8 years of hard work by the county magistrate Xu Yaochang. , Together to build a great Miaoli era.

Zhong Dongjin said that he has been going against the light since he was young, and then he was hit by wind and rain, and was even tempered by other camps during the election period, but "it is not necessarily a bad thing for a person to be in adversity", because he is used to it , so when the students asked sharp questions at the United Nations University, he could easily answer them.

But Zhong also believes that the current media celebrities should be restrained, "I don't know what is a gangster." He thinks black hearts are more terrifying than gangsters, but he also expressed his gratitude to the media for their attention, "It saved me a lot of advertising fees."

Regarding whether to return to the Kuomintang?

Zhong Dongjin said that his Kuomintang member qualification lawsuit is ongoing, and he is also confident that he will win. As long as the court judges him to win the election, he will still be a member of the Kuomintang, and there will be no problem of returning to the Kuomintang; The Blue Battalion soldiers will not join the People's Party.