Kaohsiung City Councilor Tong Yanzhen (4th from left), who has won five consecutive victories, was the chief convener of the Kuomintang League Council, but lost the election this term.

(File photo, photo by reporter Xu Lijuan)

[Reporter Xu Lijuan/Kaohsiung Report] Kaohsiung City’s 7th constituency (Sanmin District) city council election, a total of 13 people participated in the election for 7 seats, and all 217 polling stations were opened before 8:30. The parties each won 3 seats, and the other one was won by Zhang Boyang, one of the "Four Gentlemen who Strike Korea." The current city councilor Tong Yanzhen, the head of the Kuomintang League, and Lin Yukai, the power of the times, both lost the election.

Sanmin District lost 1 seat due to the decrease in population. Huang Bolin (KMT) won the highest votes with 24,503 votes, followed by Huang Xiangshu (KMT) with 18,003 votes and Kang Yucheng (DPP) with 1 6,082 votes, Zhang Boyang (Taiwan Foundation) 14,817 votes, Zheng Mengyu (DPP) 14,148 votes, He Quanfeng (DPP) 13,108 votes, Zeng Junjie (KMT) 12,389 votes, a total of 7 people elected.

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Lin Wuzhong (Democratic Progressive Party), who vowed to return to the parliament, lost the 8th place with 11,379 votes, while the incumbent city councilor, Lin Yukai (Power of the Times), fell to 9th place with 9,788 votes. (KMT) unexpectedly only got 8846 votes and fell to 10th place, followed by Li Jialing (People's Party) with 4220 votes, Chen Jianliang (none) with 3031 votes, and Wang Wenxin (none) with 2563 votes.

Zhang Boyang, 31 years old this year, was the director of Taiwan's Foundation News Department in November 2019. He became one of the "Four Gentlemen to Strike South Korea" because he initiated the movement to strike South Korea. He succeeded in striking South Korea on June 6, 2020. This year he will represent Taiwan Foundation in the election In the Sanmin District City Council election, he was successfully elected as the Sanmin District Xinke City Councilor.

The Kaohsiung City Councilor's 7th constituency won the vote.

(Reprinted from the Election Committee of Kaohsiung City)