Jiang Wan'an won the election, went to the stage to accept the cheers, and delivered his acceptance speech.

(Photographed by reporter Fang Bin)

[Reporter Cai Sipei/Taipei Report] The three-legged mayor of Taipei’s mayoral election was finally won by KMT candidate Jiang Wan’an. He gave a victory speech saying that this election is a victory of goodness over flanks, integrity over lies, democracy over black boxes, and light over darkness .

Jiang Wanan also paid tribute to his opponents Chen Shizhong and Huang Shanshan, saying that they are respectable opponents who have demonstrated a democratic style.

Jiang Wanan received more than 450,000 votes. Surrounded by supporters, he went to the stage of the Civic Base to deliver his acceptance speech at 7:50 pm. Supporters shouted "Hello Mayor!" Jiang Wanan's father Jiang Xiaoyan, wife Shi Fanggen and son Jiang Deli all Come on stage to encourage him.

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As soon as Jiang Wanan came to power, he thanked all the good friends of the citizens, "My friends, we did it!" He said that this election is not just his personal election, but also a holy war of values. We have done it. Kindness defeated flanks, integrity defeated lies, Democracy over black box, light over darkness.

Jiang Wanan also expressed his greatest respect to Huang Shanshan and Chen Shizhong, thanking them for their advice during the election process. They are very respectable opponents and show a democratic style.

He also thanked the citizens for their support. For the development of Taipei City, we will continue to cooperate with each other in the future. He also thanked those who voted for their trust in him and handed over Taipei City to him for the next four years.

At the same time, he thanked the friends who did not vote for him for their encouragement. Every vote reminded the future city government team to be cautious, careless, and tread on thin ice.

Jiang Wan'an also said that he can't wait to realize his vision for Taipei. Today, Taipei City will be officially launched. It is you who press the button to let the dawn shine into the darkness and warm Taipei.

He said that it has not been an easy journey since he announced his candidacy in May this year. He has no administrative resources, but he has traveled all over Taipei City with his feet, showing his confidence and determination to lead Taipei.

The public's expectations and trust in him are his backing, and the company of the public is also the most important driving force for him to continue walking, "Thank you!"

Jiang Wanan delivered his acceptance speech, accompanied by his father Jiang Xiaoyan, wife Shi Fanggen and son Jiang Deli.

(Photographed by reporter Fang Bin)

Jiang Wanan thanked his parents.

(Photographed by reporter Fang Bin)

Jiang Wan'an supports Happy than 6, waving the flag.

(Photographed by reporter Fang Bin)