The wife of Ukrainian singer

Viktor Pavlik

, Kateryna Repyakhova

, shared with her fans how she spends time with her family during the blackout.

As Kateryna said on her Instagram page, when the lights are turned off, she and Viktor Frankovich and one-year-old Mykhasyk get into the car and drive around the city.

"Two days without electricity, without heating, without water, without communication. Our entertainment is to get in the car and go somewhere, in order to charge our gadgets and change the environment for Misha. And how good that it is during these difficult days the husband is not on tour," said Repyakhova.

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The blogger also admitted that despite all the troubles, she feels calm because she is at home:

"But I will tell you that I feel as calm and comfortable as possible. After all, I am on my land, I am at home, I am a part of this historical moment of our country. And I simply thank all the people who provide us with security and communications!"

- wrote Pavlik's wife.

We will remind, the other day Kateryna Repyakhova

went to visit her older brother


Viktor Pavlik's wife showed who her one-year-old son looks like.

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