The current Kaohsiung city councilor Lin Yukai, the power of the times, failed to be re-elected this term, but he believes that the team has done its best.

(Taken from Lin Yukai's Facebook page)

[Reporter Xu Lijuan/Kaohsiung Report] Kaohsiung City’s 7th constituency (Sanmin District) city councilor election, a total of 13 people participated in the election for 7 seats, and 211 of the 217 polling stations were completed at about 7:54 p.m., Times Lin Yukai, the incumbent city councilor of Power Kaohsiung, only received more than 9,000 votes and unexpectedly fell outside the 9th elected seat. Lin Yukai expressed his defeat on Facebook earlier. He thanked the citizens for giving him the opportunity 4 years ago and also believed that I have tried my best.

Lin Yukai thanked the citizens for giving him the opportunity to enter the parliament as a grassroots worker 4 years ago. In the past 4 years, he has been trembling every day. Whether it is municipal inquiries or petition services, he and the team have always been High standards of self-requirement, under the Kaohsiung City Council with only one power in the era, exert the greatest power of supervision in the field.

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Lin Yukai was appraised by the High Governor's League for 7 consecutive sessions of high-quality councilors. He has handled more than 4,000 petition cases and helped many disadvantaged and grassroots workers to fight for their rights. What he is thinking about is how to work hard every day, To make the city of Kaohsiung more and more suitable for living; traffic safety, living quality, parent-child space, educational environment, ecological conservation, and open sea areas are all things that I very much hope to continue to promote.

Regarding the results of this election, Lin Yukai said that he would not say "we didn't work hard enough", because the whole team has tried their best for four years, but this time they failed the test. He felt sorry for the team's efforts, but also Not discouraged.

He believes that in Taiwan's politics, the existence of the third force is an indispensable force, and he will continue to use his methods to assist the third force with supervisory capabilities in the development of Taiwan.