Chen Yahui succeeded in taking over the baton, and she was very happy hugging her six-year-old mother, Qiu Suzhen.

(Provided by Chen Yahui)

[Reporter Zhang Ruizhen/Taichung Report] The eleventh electoral district (Eastern District, Southern District) of Taichung City Councilors is one of the most complicated electoral districts in the election of Central City Councilors. According to the latest election results, there are 3 seats in Luying. The results of this election One seat will be lost, the Blue Camp has two seats, and one will be added. Among them, two veterans of the Democratic Progressive Party, He Mincheng (seventh term) and Qiu Suzhen (sixth term), will hand over their sons He Kunlin, daughters Chen Yahui and He Kunlin respectively. After failing to take over, Chen Yahui declared herself elected at 8:00 pm today.

There are 5 seats to be elected in this constituency (including 1 seat for women's protection), and up to 11 candidates. Among them, the veterans of the Kuomintang Li Zhong and Luo Tingwei were re-elected. But it failed. Veteran Qiu Suzhen handed over to his daughter Chen Yahui. The KMT also had another former member of the KMT, Lin Peihan, who played "Restart", and was elected with a good number of votes.

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After counting the votes, Chen Yahui joyfully said that during the election period, she often went to the grassroots, but the services of the service office did not stop, and the services of voters were not affected by the election. Her mother, Councilor Qiu Suzhen, served her heart and soul, and she had made a good reputation. After winning this election, she emphasized that she regards voters as supporters and good friends, and she is positively facing a happy election without enemies. During the election period, polls showed that she was on the verge of being elected, but she was not discouraged, but instead raised her sense of crisis. Only by stepping up to vote can we win the election.

He Mincheng, a member of the Democratic Progressive Party who was re-elected for seven terms, failed to hand over his son He Kunlin.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Ruizhen)