You Zhenxiong (middle), Mayor of Yuanlin City, Changhua County, KMT, successfully ran for re-election.

(Photo by reporter Chen Guanbei)

[Reporter Chen Guanbei/Changhua Report] The results of the nine-in-one general election were announced. You Zhenxiong, mayor of Changhua County, KMT, was running for re-election. The ballots were counted until 8 o'clock in the evening, leading the DPP candidate Chen Qiurong by nearly 1,000 votes. The campaign headquarters set off firecrackers to announce his election, keeping The Kuomintang has an undefeated record in Yuanlin City.

Yuanlin mayor election has always been regarded as a first-level war zone. In the 2018 general election, You Zhenxiong narrowly defeated Chen Qiurong by 157 votes. Four years ago were more tense, so the results of this election are equally compelling.

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After the counting of votes this afternoon, the two sides had a lead in the number of votes, and they had been seeing each other between 100 votes. The supporters of the campaign headquarters were also quite nervous, unable to sit down at all. You Zhenxiong leads Chen Qiurong with more than 26,000 votes and nearly 1,000 votes.

You Zhenxiong expressed his gratitude to the voters for their continued support for him. He did not let the choices made by the villagers four years ago leak. Everyone has seen Yuanlin’s progress in the past few years. City

Chen Qiurong said that during this period of time, she thanked many supporters for their help. Perhaps her efforts were not enough, and she accepted the election results with a calm mind.

Candidate Chen Qiurong, a member of the Democratic Progressive Party for Mayor Lin, faced off against You Zhenxiong for the second time.

(Photo by reporter Chen Guanbei)