Ukrainian border guards-mortars destroyed the observation post of the Russians in the



This was reported by the press service of the DPSU. 

"Soldiers of one of the Armed Forces brigades scouted the location of the occupiers' observation post. The border combat group with 120-mm mortars received an order to defeat the enemy by fire. The position of 2 occupiers was also destroyed by mortar fire," the message says.

Losses of Russia in the war against Ukraine

According to the General Staff, as of November 26,

Russia's losses in the war are approaching 86,000

, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated another 560 invaders during the day.

Russian occupation forces suffer heavy losses in Luhansk region.

Hospitals are full of wounded soldiers,

and morgues are full of the dead. 

The Russians are regrouping in order to strengthen the groups

in the Lyman, Avdiiv and Novopavliv areas

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