Gao Hongan delivered a victory speech in the evening.

(Photo taken from Gao Hongan’s Facebook page)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The 2022 nine-in-one election is being counted. Gao Hongan, the mayor candidate of the People's Party of Hsinchu, continues to lead, and appeared at around 7:00 p.m. to announce his election and give a speech.

Gao Hongan held the "Election Night" testimonial earlier. First of all, he thanked the supporters, comrades in the popular party and the campaign team along the way, and paid tribute to opponents such as DPP candidate Shen Huihong and KMT candidate Lin Gengren. There will inevitably be confrontation in the process, but I am very grateful to them for showing their sportsmanship today and giving me blessings. I will absorb the good political opinions of these candidates and further invite them to exchange ideas.”

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Gao Hongan went on to say: "Hongan will definitely refer to and continue the good policies that the Hsinchu city government team is implementing now after taking office. There will be no situation where the previous policies are completely discarded. Our good policies are as long as they are Get up and keep doing it for everyone."

Gao Hongan expressed the hope that after the election, everyone can let go of the hostility, turmoil and hatred that formed during the election campaign. "Although we won the election today, we actually don't have much time to immerse ourselves in the joy of victory. Hsinchu City has a lot of work going on. Waiting for us to work hard to achieve it, the new city government team must be formed as soon as possible, and when the sun rises tomorrow, I hope everyone is on the track to make Hsinchu better.”