According to writer and playwright Stefan Tsanev, President Rumen Radev

Rumen Georgiev Radev is a Bulgarian military man, major general from the reserve.

A former commander of is obsessed with power.

"Without a bloody coup, quietly, the man possessed the power. I expect now only he will deliver the speech of Tsar Boris III with an address to the nation, that due to the inability of the parties to govern, he must involuntarily take over all the power," Tsanev also told BNT.

"The political situation at the moment reminds me very much of 1934, when democracy was in a terrible crisis. Then Kimon Georgiev and Damyan Velchev stopped a coup and liquidated the parties. The people are happy because the parties are unnecessary, which is also true now. In the state at the moment a creeping coup is underway," commented the author of "Bulgarian Chronicles".

According to him, the president ruled for half a year without a problem.

According to him, a round-year rule of the head of state is emerging.

Radev: New elections are the final and extreme option

The writer expressed concern that democracy is losing ground.

He described the behavior of the parties as "disgusting".

According to him, people will be satisfied if the parties are removed from power altogether.

Tsanev commented that the Bulgarian people are divided into rich and poor and called on the rich not to be so happy and calm, because this will not end well.

Rumen Radev