The mood among supporters at Cai Qichang's headquarters was gloomy.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Xuanzhe)

[Reporter Zhang Xuanzhe/Taichung Report] After the general election votes were over, ballot counting began at 4:00, and supporters poured into the headquarters of the Democratic Progressive Party’s Taichung mayor candidate Cai Qichang’s Nantun headquarters to watch the ballot counting.

From the very beginning, Cai Qichang clung to Lu Xiuyan, maintaining a gap of 20,000 votes. After that, the number of votes lagging behind continued to widen. The screen display of Cai Qichang headquarters remained at 186824 for Cai Qichang, and 255317 for Lu Xiuyan, which was not updated for nearly an hour.

However, according to FTV news statistics, by 17:49, Lu Xiuyan had already led Cai Qichang by more than 100,000 votes.

Seeing that the general situation was over, the supporters fell silent.

Supporters of the Democratic Progressive Party arrived at Cai Qichang's headquarters one after another after the counting of votes in the evening. However, because the number of votes was not ahead of that of Lu Xiuyan, no supporters of the green camp waved their flags and cheered, and the atmosphere at the headquarters was quite gloomy.

Since the votes of other counties and cities were displayed on the screen at the same time, except for the victory of Kaohsiung City, the other counties and cities continued to see-saw or fell behind. Supporters kept shaking their heads and sighing or swiping their phones.