German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that Russia's victory in the war against Ukraine is unlikely, and that Moscow should not achieve its goals on the battlefield.

The politician made his statement at the SPD Brandenburg conference in Cottbus on November 26, Spiegel reports.

"Given Germany's support for the attacked Ukraine, it is becoming more and more obvious that

Russia not only should not win this war, but will not win it

," Scholz said.

He once again promised to support Ukraine as long as necessary. 

"We do it financially, humanitarianly - and we all know: also with the supply of weapons," the German chancellor noted.

He also emphasized the importance of his meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, at which both politicians warned the Russian Federation against using nuclear weapons.

The G20 countries also declared that nuclear weapons cannot be used in this war. 

It will be recalled that a few days earlier, Scholz said that we should be ready for an escalation in the war in Ukraine, given the development of hostilities and the obvious failures of Russia.

At the same time, the Chancellor of Germany said that Russia's bomb terror against the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine must stop and Moscow must withdraw its troops and end the war "immediately."

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