Yindi Dadi's PO article pointed out that the People's Party has already prepared the night market before the votes are drawn.

(picture taken from Facebook)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Today (26th) is the voting day for the nine-in-one general election. Many netizens are paying attention to the fierce battle area in Hsinchu City. The party is ready for the night market before the bill is counted.

Yindi Dadi posted a photo on his Facebook PO. You can see that in the shed in the photo, there are many different small vendors selling food. In his post, Yindi Dadi said, "I don't know the result of the 'lifting the ban' election, but the People's Party set another election record For the first time in history, the night market is ready before tickets are issued!"

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Netizens commented after seeing the post, "Democracy can't be eaten as a meal, you still have to go to the night market", "Whether you win or lose, thank you Brother Zhu for giving you tickets", "You can't use public fees or deduct assistant fees, only to set up a stall Earn party dues", "Earn what you can earn in the end".

Yindi Emperor's Facebook post.

(picture taken from Facebook)