Miao Boya earlier delivered his victory speech live on Facebook.

(Taken from Miao Boya's Facebook page)

[Reporter Yang Xinhui/Taipei Report] The results of the nine-in-one election have been released, and they have a certain amount of online voice. The current small party members of the younger generation include the Social Democratic Party member Miao Boya, who was a member of the Times Power Party in the last election, but later quit the party Lin Liangjun, Lin Yingmeng, and Huang Yufen are currently non-party members, but only Miao Boya and Lin Liangjun were elected in this election, which made supporters quite sad.

Councilor Huang Yufen is in the first constituency of Taipei City (Shilin, Beitou District), which should elect 12 seats, but Huang Yufen ranks 14th and is determined to lose the election; the third constituency of Taipei City (Songshan, Xinyi District) should elect 9 seats, Since Internet celebrity and member of Parliament Qiu Weijie (Gua Ji) was not elected, Wu Zheng came out to be elected, but Wu Zheng was the loser and ranked 13th.

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Taipei City's fourth constituency (Zhongshan, Datong District) should be elected for 8 seats. The incumbent MP Lin Liangjun was in a tough fight this time, and finally won more than 13,000 votes, ranking 8th, and the incumbent MP Liang Wenjie who lost the top spot was only less than 900 votes away.

Taipei City's sixth constituency (Da'an, Wenshan District) should elect 13 seats. Miao Boya won 27,000 votes, ranking second in the constituency, but Lin Yingmeng only got more than 4,000 votes, falling to 17th.

Taipei city councilor Lin Liangjun narrowly won this time.

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