Xu Qiaoxin, a member of the Kuomintang North City, was re-elected successfully and won the highest vote in the third constituency of the North City Councilor.

(The picture is taken from Xu Qiaoxin's Facebook page)

[Reporter Cai Yahua/Taipei Report] The 2022 Nine-in-One Election is being voted on today, and the election of Taipei City Councilors has attracted much attention. At present, the third constituency (Songshan Xinyi District) is the first to finish voting in the eight constituencies in the city. , Wang Hongwei won high votes and broke 20,000 votes, becoming a super ticket machine and successfully re-elected. Hong Jianyi, a member of the Democratic Progressive Party, squeezed into the list of candidates.

Due to population loss in Songshan and Xinyi districts, the number of councilors was reduced by 1, leaving only 9 seats. There are 16 candidates for the election this time, 5 seats were nominated by the KMT and 4 seats were nominated by the DPP.

Yang Baozhen, who was first selected by the People's Party for the first time, is strong. In 2018, Taipei Mayor candidate Wu Juyang challenged the councilors as a non-party member.

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According to the website of the Central Election Committee, Xu Qiaoxin and Wang Hongwei ranked first in the number of votes in Songshan Xinyi District with 27,205 and 25,727 votes respectively, followed by DPP members Zhang Wenjie, Xu Shuhua, Zhan Weiyuan, Xu Jiabei, Qin Huizhu, Dai Xiqin and Hong Jianyi .

All candidates nominated by the Kuomintang and the Democratic Progressive Party were elected.