There were a total of 15 cases of violations on polling day in New Taipei City.

(Photo by reporter Zhou Xiangyun)

[Reporter Zhou Xiangyun/New Taipei Report] The nine-in-one general election voted today. According to statistics from the New Taipei City Election Commission, there have been a total of 15 cases involving violations of regulations. Among them, administrative penalties include deliberately tearing up ballots, carrying mobile phones or equipment with camera functions into voting There were 14 cases of electioneering or election-aiding activities on polling day, and 1 case of taking the received ballot out of the venue for criminal punishment.

According to the New Taipei City Election Committee, among the 14 cases of administrative fines, 8 cases involved tearing up ballot papers intentionally (2 cases were referendum ballots), and a fine of more than 5,000 yuan and less than 50,000 yuan was imposed; If photographic functional equipment enters the polling station, a fine of more than 30,000 yuan and less than 300,000 yuan will be imposed; for 3 pieces of equipment that are engaged in election or campaign activities on polling day, a fine of more than 500,000 yuan and less than 5 million yuan will be imposed.

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The Election Committee pointed out that in the part of the criminal punishment case, there was one case where the general received the ballot and took it out of the venue, and was sentenced to a fixed-term imprisonment of not more than one year.