Grandma He, surnamed He, was in the polling office of Taichung Higher Industrial Development Co., Ltd., and her mobile phone rang when the votes were being circled. She answered the phone and violated the election strike law.

(Photographed by reporter Zhang Ruizhen from Google Street View)

[Reporter Zhang Ruizhen/Taichung Report] Today (26th) polling day, there were two cases of violating the "Public Official Election and Recall Law" in the southern district of Taichung City. The first was that the 79-year-old Mr. Lin misused his private seal to circle the ballot. He tore up the ballot on the spot The second is the 70-year-old grandma He, whose mobile phone rang during voting, and she was still answering the phone at the polling place.

Taichung Town God's Temple, No. 1425, located in Hezuo Street, South District, Central City. At 10:00 this morning, the 79-year-old grandpa Lin stamped the ballots for the mayor and district chief, only to realize that he had accidentally misused his personal seal. After stamping the ballot papers, he was so angry that he tore up the ballot papers on the spot. After being discovered and stopped by the supervisor at the scene, the police brought them back for interrogation.

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Also at around 10 a.m. this morning, a violation was also reported at the voting office at No. 1464, Gaogong Road, Taichung, South District. The 70-year-old grandma, surnamed He, brought her mobile phone into the voting office and did not turn it off. In the circled area, the mobile phone rang and answered the call, which was discovered and stopped by the on-site administrator, and was also taken back by the police for processing.

These two cases will be handed over to members of the supervision group of the Zhongshi Election Committee for determination. If they are found to have violated the law on the election and strike of public servants, the Zhongshi Election Committee will punish them according to law.

Ah Gong stamped the ballot with his private seal, and tore up the ballot after discovering the mistake.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Ruizhen)