More than half of the voters agreed to amend the constitution but still failed to pass. The Youth League of China Democratic People's Livelihood stated in a statement that it highlighted the unreasonable threshold and would not give up continuing efforts for the 18-year-old citizenship.

(The picture is taken from the Facebook page of the Youth League of China)

[Reporter Lin Xiaoyun/Taipei Report] The first constitutional revision vote for "18-year-old citizenship" in Taiwan's history failed. The Taiwan Youth Association for Democracy issued a statement tonight stating that today (26) will be the first constitutional revision vote in Taiwan's history At present, the Central Election Committee is about to complete all constitutional revision votes. Although more than half of the voters voted in favor, they unfortunately failed to pass the test, highlighting that the threshold is unreasonable.

The Taiwan Youth Association for Democracy, which has been promoting the rights of 18-year-old citizens for a long time, stated that nearly 60% of the referee results agreed, which fully proves that the Taiwanese people have a consensus on implementing justice for generations and catching up with international trends. In the future, we will continue to try to implement the right of the young generation to participate in politics through different legal means.

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The Youth League stated that during the process of promoting "18-year-old citizenship", many high school and college students spontaneously gave street lectures and distributed literature in various counties and cities, and invited cross-party and cross-generation celebrities in the art and literature circles to cooperate in publicity. It is hoped that the high degree of consensus on "18-year-old citizenship" can be used to cross the unreasonable threshold of constitutional revision in one fell swoop.

The Youth League pointed out that more than half of the voters voted in favor this time, not to mention that the "18-year-old citizenship" was approved by the Legislative Yuan in March this year with 109 votes. Such a constitutional amendment bill with a high degree of consensus still cannot be passed, which shows that the existing constitutional amendment process It is unreasonable and makes the constitution completely rigid, losing the possibility of protecting people's rights as the times change.

The Youth League mentioned that the constitutional revision failed in the end, and the Central Election Committee should take responsibility. According to the polls conducted by non-governmental organizations one month before the vote, nearly half of the people still did not know that there was a constitutional revision referendum on November 26. The Central Election Committee's propaganda has not been effective, and even ignored the people's right to participate in politics, and gave up the basic right to guarantee the voting of those diagnosed, resulting in more than 60,000 people being forced to vote absenteeism.

The Youth League pointed out that since the start of voting today, non-governmental organizations have received a large number of public responses. After the election officials handed in the candidate ballots, they did not take the initiative to provide the "18-year-old citizen's right to constitutional revision" ballots, and even asked the public. Provided that the Central Election Committee and the local election committees did not conduct sufficient education and training of election personnel in advance, which led to this serious negligence. The Youth League strongly condemned the occurrence of this situation and demanded that the Central Election Committee should actively review it.

The 18-year-old citizenship promotion alliance expressed that it is very regrettable that today, with more than half of the public opinion supporting 18-year-old citizenship, it is still impossible to return the right of youth to participate in public affairs to the younger generation. Taiwan will have "a group of adults who cannot vote". This group of young people has full responsibilities in civil and criminal laws, but they do not have the right to vote. Taiwan will still be the only democratic country that sets the voting age at 20. .

The 18-year-old citizenship promotion alliance also mentioned that the protection of "18-year-old citizenship" through constitutional amendment is the most direct and complete way. Although the constitutional amendment has not yet been passed, the result of this referendum proves that "18-year-old citizenship" has won a majority It is recognized by the people of Taiwan that the Youth League will continue to try different legal means, including constitutional litigation, amending the electoral strike law, etc., to fight for the civil rights that the young generation deserves.