On Saturday, November 26, videos appeared on social networks showing a column of military equipment with Ukrainian flags standing at the entrance to the Russian city of Tver.

Frightened eyewitnesses ask what is happening in the caption of the published footage. 

Later it turned out that in the city, which is located 180 km from Moscow, a group of Russian cinematographers is shooting another propaganda feature film called "The Musician", the plot of which takes place during the war in Ukraine these days.

Previously, Tver pubs published announcements about the recruitment of masks, some were even promised to issue dummy weapons.

In order to avoid incidents caused by fear of the Ukrainian army, police patrols are on duty next to the cinematographers.

We will remind, earlier on one of the walls of the Moscow Kremlin, an unknown person wrote the slogan "No war".

Since then, armed security forces have appeared near the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation, closely monitoring the Kremlin walls.

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