Min Lin Shixian declared himself the mayor of Changhua and was re-elected.

(Photographed by reporter Tang Shiming)

[Reporter Tang Shiming/Changhua Report] Thrilling!

In the high-profile Changhua mayor election, as many as 5 people participated in the election, setting the record for the most in history. After the votes were counted today, the Democratic Progressive Party’s Lin Shixian, who was running for re-election, led the way, but not by much. The KMT Huang Yufen followed closely. , Liu Kunzhen was slightly behind, and Lin Shixian won more than 50,000 votes in the end, broke through the siege, declared himself elected, and was re-elected.

Lin Shixian appeared at the campaign headquarters tonight to express his re-election speech, thanking the citizens and folks, and highly affirming the city hall team led by him for his hard work and construction achievements in the past four years.

Judging from the results of the votes, it shows that he has been in the right direction for the past four years, regardless of party affiliation, and he also hopes to continue to be the "mayor of all people."

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Lin Shixian said that during this election, although three of the candidates joined forces to attack one of them and constantly smeared him with false slanders, in order to improve the quality of positive elections in democratic countries, he always insisted on "struggling Don't fight back, don't fight back when scolded" principle, and thank the vast majority of citizens for their warmth with their votes.

He said that the affirmation of more than 50,000 votes also shows that citizens appreciate the fruitful results of the efforts of colleagues in the municipal office over the past four years, including the first department store Zhongyou Department Store; The crystal quality award is the first in cost performance, Shipaikeng Hydrophilic Walkway won the national "Architecture Garden Award", won the "Classic Town" by the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications, and the three-dimensional parking lot of the rear railway station won the "National Gold Award for Excellent Construction", etc. , hit a high score.

Regarding the governance blueprint for the next four years, Lin Shixian pointed out that it includes the construction of the Green Park Avenue in the Zhongyou Department Store business district; after actively promoting the deconstruction of the special area of ​​the Changhua Interchange, making good use of Changhua’s green energy resources, and promoting the creation of a 700-hectare "green energy technology city" ; and, in the eastern district where the urban planning is expanding, in line with the national fab equipment domestic manufacturing policy, actively promote the establishment of a "fab equipment production base", so that the urban planning of the eastern district has an area of ​​650 hectares, which is even greater than that of Yuanlin, which is 184 hectares. Lead Changhua to a better and more progressive new future.

The mayor of DPP Changhua, Lin Shixian (1st from left), appeared at the campaign headquarters at night to announce his election.

(Provided by Lin Shixian's campaign headquarters)