Tens of thousands joined marches against violence against women around the world.

Demonstrations were called from Europe to South America to mark the international day.

In Spain there is further cause for discontent.

A loophole in the new anti-violence law allows sex offenders to have their sentences reduced.

11 men have benefited, five of whom have already been released from prison.

This caused heated debates in society and between political parties.

Under the heading "Macho murders, rapes and exploitation are destroying women", marches were held in several Spanish cities, NOVA informs.

Against violence against women: Protest in the center of Sofia

"I came to the protest because the problem of violence against women continues today.

Everything - from assaults and abuse to different treatment in the social sphere,'' said one of the protesters.

"We are beating our drums to draw attention to sexual assaults, to the murders of women.

We will beat them all night, as hard as we can,'' said another woman from the participants in the protest.


Violence against women