Our column "Crazy" today will be published in the Thai Rath issue on Sunday, November 27, 2022, complete 7 days of kicking "World Cup 2022" exactly.

Over the past 7 days, it can be concluded without a doubt that this year's World Cup atmosphere is still lively and is a matter of conversation in the rice circle, the liquor circle, the circle of friends, the circle of relatives.

Or even in various academic seminars (when taking a break) stay the same

One important reason why the World Cup still captures the hearts of the world

Plus it's even more sticky.

It is because in this era the World Cup can be broadcast live to viewers through various media.

with a major television channel

Once completed, send trailers to other online platforms.

Makes people around the world who nowadays have a "mobile phone" as the fifth factor of life in every nation and every language.

Can easily follow the live broadcast along with watching TV because it can be watched anywhere and everywhere that 4G 5G reaches.

But that's it... Without the past, there would be no present and future... Our world has progressed until today.

And will move forward, all learning-developing-studying-continuing and extending from various technologies that happened in the past

The intent of the team today is only to record the story in the past that in the era

print media

It is also the main media and the only medium to bring "news" and "results" of the World Cup to the Thai people that day...that...how did we start?

and how do they work?

Where do you go to find World Cup news?

You probably already know that although the first World Cup was held since 1930 or 1930 in Uruguay, but until it became popular in Thailand, it was 1970 or 1970. 1970 in Mexico as host

Previously, World Cup news was only a small part of the sports page.

Until the year 1970 in Mexico, where the Thai Rath and Daily News newspapers have brought up head 1 since the first day of the competition.

with a 3-tier giant head as well, as the team leader has already told

It has become a new phenomenon in the Thai newspaper industry.

Both Thai Rath and Daily News sell incredibly well.

The more you print, the more you sell.

because Thai people waited to buy before 8 o'clock in the morning (in that era, the advance frame would come on sale around 8 o'clock and would have complete details of the World Cup competition)

As a result, every newspaper had to be included in the headline.

until it can be said that during the 1 month of that World Cup

The breath of the Thai people across the country gathered on the news of the World Cup, almost ignoring other matters.

This put pressure on the Thai government to order a live broadcast of the championship day between Brazil and Italy on Channel 4 Bang Khun Phrom in the 625-line system for the first time in both color and black and white.

Brazil won 4-1 and Pele (pictured), Brazil's top scorer, became a Thai favorite from that minute.

because there is only one live broadcast

is the final

So there is a question

Where did the Thai newspapers get the details of the World Cup news?

The answer is from foreign news agencies.

In Thailand, there are 3 offices: the US AP, the UK's Reuters and the French's AFP, most of which are located on Silom Road.

These news agencies have teletype machines to receive news sent by their correspondents around the world.

Including World Cup news... We are news translators.

Therefore went to ask for news details at these offices

Therefore, it can be said that the Silom area in 1970 was the center of World Cup news in Thailand.

Especially at the AFP news agency, which reports in more detail than other agencies.

For the next four years in the 1974 or 1974 World Cup in West Germany.

Which has 2 matches broadcast: the opening match and the final match

various printing houses

Beginning to have a teletype machine of foreign news agencies that we have subscribed to use.

Therefore, there is no need to go to Silom again.

But the sales department told us the sports news department that

Must write a detailed description of the kicks minute by minute for a bit longer to make it sell well because fans like to read.

We found that foreign news agencies reported that

Most of them are short.

because in the past, we had to imagine to add some

If you have the opportunity to watch the whole game kick, you can write more detailed.

When we investigated that era, "Telecommunication Center" at Sriracha (may be called by another name)

Please allow me to use the word telecommunication center for the time being) I can pull up satellite images to look at every night and the staff are sitting and watching it happily.

So we went to ask for your kindness to sit and watch as well.

promised to keep it a secret not to tell anyone...and now the events have passed for many years

The prescription has expired, so you can tell.

and thank you call center

Retrospective communication here

Four years later, we received reports that our Hat Yai brothers and sisters watched the World Cup every match every night because the Malaysian TV station

buy the copyright

and can pull the picture to see at Hat Yai

So we sent sports reporters to cover the news.

And report the details minute by minute at Hat Yai and report all pairs as well ... Thank you Malaysian television back here as well in another way.

Four years later, we heard the news that a television channel bought a satellite receiver to use, able to pull the World Cup to watch every match.

We went to ask to see it live and wrote a detailed news without telling anyone.

Thanks to this large television channel as well.

After that, it seems that we have watched every match live.

(I can't remember which year it started), so I don't have to wander around to sit and watch and write a minute-by-minute report at various locations.

including this year

Even though it's very dramatic

But in the end we have watched and written on every pair of screens.

Therefore, I would like to thank all parties who jointly pay royalties and help lobby until we have the opportunity to look thoroughly here.