Ukrainian actor, star of the TV series "Catch Kaidash"

Taras Tsymbalyuk

, seems to be in love and happy again.

At least in the story of his Instagram page, the artist hinted that he is no longer deeply alone.

Tsymbalyuk posted a black-and-white photo of himself kissing a mysterious blonde in his photo blog.

Taras covered her face with his hand.

Taras Tsymbaliuk with a new passion / Photo:

The shot was taken in a bar where the couple was having a good time.

By the way, more than two weeks ago, Tsymbalyuk already

shared photos

showing him with a new passion.

The footage captured shared moments from the life of the lovers.

How about a walk, dinner.

However, the actor is in no hurry to show the face of his beloved.

We will remind you that in June of this year, Taras Tsymbalyuk stunned his fans with the news that he is

divorcing his second wife

, makeup artist Tina Antonenko.

The couple was together for four years.

Before that, Tsimbalyuk was married to his fellow student named Angelina.

However, the marriage did not last long, and the actor cited the fact that he was not ready for family life as the reason for the breakup.

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