Jiang Congyuan, the Democratic Progressive Party's candidate for Yilan county magistrate, announced his defeat.

(Photo by reporter Cai Yunrong)

[Reporter Cai Yunrong/Yilan Report] The nine-in-one general election will be counted at 4:00 p.m. today (26th). The Democratic Progressive Party’s Yilan County Mayor candidate Jiang Congyuan’s Xinan election headquarters monitors the votes on the screen. Jiang Congyuan continues to lag behind the KMT County Mayor Lin Zimiao .

Jiang Congyuan admitted defeat at 7:30 p.m. This time, he was vigilant. He will take all the responsibilities and review before standing up again.

Jiang also emphasized that his heart to serve Yilan remains unchanged, and he will continue to stand with the villagers. After thanking the votes, he will sell his leave and return to work at the city hall.

There are 426 polling stations in Yilan County, and the counting of votes starts at 4:00 p.m. Jiang Congyuan’s counting wall of votes set up by Xinan Jingzong continues to lag behind Lin Zimiao, and the atmosphere on the scene is low; around 7:40 p.m. , came forward to admit defeat.

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Jiang Congyuan expressed his gratitude to the villagers for their support and the hard work of the campaign team for accompanying him to challenge the arduous task. He was deeply sorry for failing to defend the justice and values ​​of Yilan. "I personally have to bear all the responsibilities" and reviewed it.

Jiang Congyuan said that in the past two councilor and mayor elections, he went smoothly. This county magistrate election is the first defeat in his 17 years in politics. This failure is to make him more vigilant, so he will not regret or be disappointed. , discouraged, he will be more courageous and stand up again.

Jiang Congyuan believes that he is the youngest in the party, but many party officials and party members have given him support, and many seniors with better qualifications have given up the opportunity to run for election. The county magistrate is already an honor, and he also cherishes the learning and growth during this period. I believe it will be helpful to him and Yilan's future.

Jiang Congyuan said that tomorrow and the day after tomorrow there will be a two-day thank-you vote. After thanking the votes, he will quickly cancel his leave and go back to work at the Yilan City Office to complete the last month of the mayor's term. There is still a lot of work to be handed over.

Jiang Congyuan emphasized that his heart of serving the villagers remains unchanged. No matter where he is, he will continue to work hard for the land of Yilan, continue to care for and serve Yilan, and he will continue to stand with all Yilan villagers.

As for the opponent Lin Zimiao, Jiang Congyuan said that he accepts the election results calmly. Lin Zimiao still has a lot of work to do in the new term. To make the best adjustments and hand over a good report card to give back to the county people is the responsibility of being elected and also the expectation for the future of Yilan.

After Jiang Congyuan finished his visit, accompanied by his wife Qiu Yushan, he left the Xinan Competition Headquarters and went to the Xibei Competition Headquarters. Supporters shouted "Come on! Come on!".

Qiu Yushan said, "I will be reluctant, but we try our best and respect everyone's choices."