From November 26, the lights in Kyiv will be turned on in such a way that the interruption in the electricity supply for each customer is no more than 5 hours.

This was reported to DTEK.

The capital's supplier says the situation in the power system remains extremely difficult, which is why emergency power cuts continue to be applied across the country.

"We understand that the long-term lack of light complicates the lives of Kyiv residents. Therefore, starting November 26, DTEK Kyiv Electric Networks will alternately turn on the lights to all residents in such a way that the interruption in power supply for each customer is no more than 5 hours," says DTEK.

It is noted that stabilization schedules are currently not in effect.

This mode will operate until it is possible to reduce the electricity generation deficit and the situation in the power system stabilizes.

DTEK says: if during the period after the attack of the Russian Federation from November 23 until today, November 26, the house does not have light, or from November 26, the light will be absent for more than 5 hours, you should notify DTEK Kyiv Electric Networks via online channels: chatbot at Telegram or Viber and Facebook page

We will remind you that another nuclear unit was connected to the energy system of Ukraine, but the deficit of consumption is 25%.

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